Good driver in Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you need a good driver in Sri Lanka, and perhaps particularly around the Kandy area, let me tell you about a very nice guy we met on our current trip.

When travelling, sites like is of great value when looking for places to stay. Having had a really good driver for a couple of days on our current trip to Sri Lanka, I was a bit sorry not to be able to recommend him like we do the places we stay, so I thought I’d write a small post here, in the hopes that it will help both fellow travelers as well as the driver.


We met the driver by chance at arrival by the Kandy railway station, and he drove us to the place we were staying. We got his contact details, and since he seemed like such a pleasant guy, we later hired him for driving us on a two-day trip to Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge for what was a very reasonable price.

He’s a no fuzz kind of guy, not in any way pushy, but always suggested various sights and experiences on the way and taking detours to let us experience them. He even stopped at a small tea factory near Madulkelle, where he’d never even been, and got the manager to give us a personal tour. Sweet!

His full name, according to his business card, is Bandara Dessanayake, but he uses Sam towards tourists. Slightly easier to remember. His car is a Toyoya Camry, if memory serves me correct, probably from sometime around 2000. Nothing fancy, but does the job more than well enough. His phone number is +94 77 5796131.

Thanks for being a great guide and driver during our visit to Kandy, Sam!

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